2014 Demo

by Ghosthive

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released August 19, 2014

Engineered and Mixed by Griffin Landa at The Establishment Recording.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.



all rights reserved


Ghosthive Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: Suffocate
i’d give ten lives to breathe again
cause when every breath is taken in vain
i couldn’t give a single shit for someone else’s pain
life’s a fuckin tight rope
i’m walking with my eyes closed

blood on my fists
skin on my lips
grinding my teeth
still no relief

got to be a fuckin reason why everyone’s always leaving
why i want to fucking die
i think about it all the time

full blown agony
encompassing the defaults of my mind

suffocate on all the rage
divided by my need
dissolving you into grey

suffocate - on all the rage

lying in wait
waiting to die
a ticking fucking time bomb ending in a chalk line
malicious thoughts that rule my head
they won’t subside till i flatline

cut in, cut in, cut in, cut in
to the skin
pull it, pull it, pull it, pull it
pull the pin
tie it, tie it, tie it, tie it,
tie the rope
swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow
fucking choke
Track Name: Alone Again
scarlet eyes that don't recognize the pain held inside,
that you have forced on your loved ones
pulling me down til i drown, fuckin around with my emotions, i can't control shit
you both know the score, you give me less while you want more
it's just a pseudo partnership
you let me takes the hits, like i can handle it
As if i’m really that strong, you're fuckin' wrong

fixing you, is something i can't do when you're killing me
all for your own preservation
holding onto me, am i what helps you breathe, you stole my sanity
and still it got you nowhere

i think, you both need, to just fucking suck it up and let me be
cause lately i can't breathe and lately i can't sleep
and you love to take all you can get from me
i see you cry but i don't even blink
it's just another day until i hear you say
that maybe now you think, that you're the cause of all the shit that's wrong with me
all my insecurities

i am, alone, again
i’m on, my own, again
finally, alone again
you left me, alone again
finally - alone again
i’m on - my own again
left me - alone again
i am - alone again
and i have never felt so fucking violent as this,
they are the burning youth inside of, my head, that sits, as it, festers to the
point of a slit across the skin, i’m losing it
i’m fighting your words again, my conscience closing in
Track Name: Switch
i think there's something in my head
trying to tell me that you're getting what you want,
another thought inside my own head i never thought
what's the point in finding signs of happiness
when nothing's fixing this anxiety i'll feel until i die,
can't let it die
(forever hopeless broken switch is flipped inside my brain)
cut me open, see inside my mind is fucked
and i am out of touch
i'm not deranged or nuts
and this is nothing i've felt before,
once i suffered, but no longer
with these fresh thought and dead thoughts
nothing is real, in my mind's eye

i'm falling apart
scars keep peeling
like drifting out to sea the waves have always got the best of me
i'm nothing, still something has to give to get this weight that buried me
still something,
still something has to give to get these waves that buried me

coldest delusions burning in my eyes
boldest illusions clouding my mind
i find it all too hard to think i can't face the facts
with this sick brain spewing out these mad thoughts
left right backward
running from nothing, screaming at something unseen
deteriorating what's left of my sanity
i have nothing to show for this life
as i break down i'm face down
still nothing is real in my mind's eye

waves that bury
i don't love you
i don't hate you
but i loath you
and i need you
i feel you
can't get near you
mind's failing
loose screw
nothing is real in my mind's eye

out of touch
Track Name: Prove Them Wrong
put me down
seal my hell
nothing hurts me, like myself
fighting through the pain
playing to my strengths
choking down the shame, still you’re judging me
nothing you can say cuts as deep as me
i'm my enemy, unrelenting
beat down by the critics
beat down by the cynics
beat down by my friends
all alone i stand
i know what they say, know they laugh at me
this bullshit won’t go away

prove them wrong
show them all
prove them wrong
born to beat them
prove them wrong
smash them all
prove them wrong
i’m not done yet

in my own hell
no one hurts me, like myself
no one, hurts me, like myself
focus on the rage
can’t control the hate
bitterness remains all that’s left of me
everything you say stokes the flames in me
words cannot explain this intensity

your laughter drives me insane
it is the fuel to my hate
and soon i’ll thrive on your pain
cause still one constant remains

everybody dies