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i think there's something in my head
trying to tell me that you're getting what you want,
another thought inside my own head i never thought
what's the point in finding signs of happiness
when nothing's fixing this anxiety i'll feel until i die,
can't let it die
(forever hopeless broken switch is flipped inside my brain)
cut me open, see inside my mind is fucked
and i am out of touch
i'm not deranged or nuts
and this is nothing i've felt before,
once i suffered, but no longer
with these fresh thought and dead thoughts
nothing is real, in my mind's eye

i'm falling apart
scars keep peeling
like drifting out to sea the waves have always got the best of me
i'm nothing, still something has to give to get this weight that buried me
still something,
still something has to give to get these waves that buried me

coldest delusions burning in my eyes
boldest illusions clouding my mind
i find it all too hard to think i can't face the facts
with this sick brain spewing out these mad thoughts
left right backward
running from nothing, screaming at something unseen
deteriorating what's left of my sanity
i have nothing to show for this life
as i break down i'm face down
still nothing is real in my mind's eye

waves that bury
i don't love you
i don't hate you
but i loath you
and i need you
i feel you
can't get near you
mind's failing
loose screw
nothing is real in my mind's eye

out of touch


from 2014 Demo, released August 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Ghosthive Des Moines, Iowa

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